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The goal of this project is to develop a device which can be used by kvasirs/fermentors to both experiment more easily in the field of fermentations and producing the ferments more reliably. The imporatnt feature of this device is versatility so it can be used for different types of ferments and cultures by adjustment of the parameters like temperature, humidity etc. The first step is to control temperature including both cooling and heating. The second parameter to target is likely to be the humidity. We hope to gather people who are interested in creating device like this and further improve it as an open source. Ideally we produce easy to assemble kid which we could make available online, if the things go really well we could make a complete product. No it's the time to state the short, medium and long term goals.

Here are links to the discuss, blogs and wiki:

Food Hacking Base discuss is being used to discuss the project at least for now.

Fermentation Controller is used for general documentation of the project (and yes you noticed correctly we are happily squatting the pages of Amsterdam Hackerspace :-).

Experimental Incubator blog which is now being used to document step by step progress on both hardware and code of the last prototype.

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