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First of all many thanks for considering your involvement and support. For many years me and projects which I doI rely mainly on support of people who believe that I should be doing what I do and they help me to make it happen and do it better. Most of all I appreciate your direct involvement by advice and help on the project, interlinking and securing resources are of course important too. I believe that if the principal or idea behind the project is good, then it will attract people and resources and consequently it will be done with a nice people in a fine&fun way. If you agree with this and you know what are my activities about your are welcome to help out and support also financially, if you hesitate please do not rush and get in touch with me first. It is important for me that you know well what you support, there maybe more interesting project out there for you and I can help you to interlink. If already decided you can financially contribute to me and project which I’m involved in following ways

  • Paypal - you can send money by entering my email account frantisek_apfelbeck (you know the sign) as the recipient
  • Bitcoin account address: 1AxX8BMNs4fnZXyCpZURqtMDiP1yGY3YMS
  • Bank account in Czech Republic (on the name of my father Ing. Zdenek Apfelbeck)

The bank name: ČOB Poštovní Spořitelna

Account number: 209941944/0300

PLEASE add a message for the recipient - “donation to Frantisek”

  • Bank account in South Korea (on the name of my girlfriend Eunha Jun/전은하)

The bank name (은행명): 신한은행

Account number (계좌):110096550210

PLEASE add a message for the recipient - “donation to Bada” (보내실때 메시지는 “바다”).

I'm aiming to confirm that I received the donation within 48 hours or as soon as possible.

if you would like to talk to me first please do so by contacting me by email

algoldor (you know the sign)

or talk to me on Facebook or Google plus where you can find me under my name Frantisek Apfelbeck.

Many thanks,



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